Fraknoi's Universe Podcast

This is our premiere edition of Fraknoi's Universe celebrating The All American Solar Eclipse.

Stay tuned for weekly episodes coming in the Fall.

Fraknoi's Universe

Famed astronomer Andrew Fraknoi (website) and esteemed broadcaster Gil Gross highlight the news from our planet and beyond. Way beyond. Really really way beyond. There is plenty of news about our Universe every week from new discoveries to new theories about multi-dimensions to things we always thought we knew which now turn out to be all wrong.

The show is named Fraknoi's Universe not only because it features a man who has had an uncanny knack for connecting with people but because it's as memorable as he is. There just isn't anything else out there like Fraknoi's Universe. Enjoy this special version celebrating the All-American Eclipse and click on the contact tab if you would like us to notify you of upcoming episodes.