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¡SAS! with Mario Solis-Marich

¡SAS! with Mario Solis-Marich re-imagines the talk show genre as a potent cocktail of Tosh 2.0, Sports Center, and Face the Nation, combining humor, action, and a signature interviewing style.   Each week, ¡SAS! with Mario Solis-Marich will offer a round up of the week’s biggest stories through a compendium of audio clips augmented by Mario’s quick-witted, and sometimes biting, commentary.

¡SAS! with Mario Solis-Marich will highlight the program with Mario’s signature interview with A+ list celebrities and political figures as he has consistently done as a local talk radio host.  From Pitbull to Hillary Clinton, ¡SAS! with Mario Solis-Marich delivers exclusive access to every week’s headliner.

Mario will conclude each show with ¡SAS!  A warning, an expletive, and a cry of amazement, ¡SAS! will punctuate every program with an “I can’t believe that happened” moment that is guaranteed to go viral every week.