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Claire Kelloway on Meat Industry Consolidation's Impact on Workers and Citizens

Teddy talks with Claire Kelloway, a senior reporter with the Open Markets Institute.  She’s also the primary writer for Food & Power, a website providing original reporting and resources on monopoly power in the food system.

Claire gives her outlook for antitrust enforcement in the meat industry during the Biden administration.

The Authoritative Antitrust Podcast

Following forty years of laissez-faire antitrust enforcement and industry consolidation, the White House is considering a fundamental rethink of how to interpret, enforce, and rewrite antitrust law, and many questions remain unanswered for the antitrust community.

On the heels of federal and state litigation against Google and Facebook, is Amazon next? Will the new administration put big agriculture, big banks, and big pharma in its crosshairs? Will the courts stop antitrust enforcers in their tracks? Will the Biden administration get cold feet?

Second Request provides in-depth discussions with antitrust experts about the answers to these questions and about proposed solutions to the biggest monopoly problems of our time. Backed by the investigative resources and intellectual rigor of The Capitol Forum, Executive Editor and host Teddy Downey examines the effects of the current concentrations of market power across a vast array of industry verticals as he and his guests analyze the potential responses from the federal government. Offering thoughtful conversations with analysts and decision makers, Second Request provides everyone from C-Suite executives to policymakers, and all those in-between, strategic antitrust insights at the intersection of law, policy, and markets.

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